Bendigo Web Design Agencies

Web Development Agencies in Bendigo

Bendigo has a ton of decent web development agencies. So if you’re looking for someone good, and local, here’s a curated list of agencies I think are worth contacting:

  • RAAK - I really like the look of this agency. Their design work is excellent, some great photography, and very clean responsive websites.
  • Thrive Web Design - High quality, clean web design & code. Responsive sites by default. Looks like they use a mixture of Joomla/Wordpress/Bespoke.
  • Bendigo Creative - Nice responsive wordpress sites. Good print design as well.

Other Agencies

  • 285 Creative - Full-Service design agency. Websites are either Wordpress or fairly nice static/responsive brochure-ware sites built on Bootstrap.
  • Studio Ink - Good Full-Service design agency. Websites tend to be fairly functional wordpress sites again with a reasonable responsive template.
  • Adrian Lock Web Design - A good portfolio, good attention to web standards with high-quality code, although sites aren’t responsive - which is almost essential these days. Sites use Lock’s own custom CMS and are fast.
  • Bendigo IT - Web design is okay, and sites are workable on mobile (although not truly responsive). They appear to almost exclusively use Wordpress with the same basic template.
  • Doomsday Tuna - New web agency. Talented group who created Bendarts mobile app. Nice technical work, but I’d like to see a portfolio on their site. Worth checking out though!
  • The Web Company - Websites are not responsive and use fairly old standards. Possibly an okay agency if on a budget.
  • Central Victorian Web Design - Wordpress sites with templates that may, or may not, be responsive.